Centine Varietal

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Centine Varietal Centine Red

Live every moment fully? You’ll never miss the mark with Centine Varietale.

Fill the glass, and you’ve gifted a delicious touch to time. This easy-drinking quaffer is all you’ll need for every informal get-together and happy hour.

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The degree of force with which one experiences a sensation, a sentiment, an event.

Precisely what one feels with Centine Varietale, thanks to the stunning impact of its aromas and flavors.

Fermentation: in temperature-controlled (25-30 C) stainlesssteel tanks.
Aging: a short period in French oak barriques (350 l).
Alcohol: 13,5%
Suggested serving temperature: 16-18°C
Centine Varietal


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese

Taste the moment

It appears a rich purple-red. Sweet impressions of well-ripened berry encounter smooth notes of vanilla. A generous, velvet-smoothness in the mouth is supported by a tasty acidity, while the finish is intense and long-lingering.


The wine ferments in stain-steel tanks, then is given a brief aging in French oak barrels.

Centine Varietal

Centine Varietale in the glass, and with which dish?

Superbly versatile, it is the ideal partner with full-flavored first courses, with main courses of meat, and with flavor-forward cheeses.