Centine White

Toscana IGT

Centine White Centine Varietal

A lively, fun-filled luncheon, an intimate supper for two, a quick glass before dinner—you pick the perfect moment for savoring the Centine family’s white wine.

Enjoying Centine White Toscana IGT brings with it more than a hint of those relaxing summer evenings, with the warm breeze wafting in through the open window, and cares starting to melt away...

Centine Rosé Centine White



It merits a lengthy description, but a single sip is enough to understand it completely. Total freshness. One more sip and its tangy flavors overwhelm you.

Centine White Toscana IGT is fresh and crisp, infused with inimitable fragrances and aromas, its finish long-lingering and flavorful.

Fermentation: a temperatura controllata (13-16°) in tini in acciaio.
Aging: in tini in acciaio con sosta sulle fecce per 2 mesi ca.
Alcohol: 12.5%
Suggested serving temperature: 10-12°C
Centine White


Chardonnay and Vermentino

Taste the moment

Appearing a straw yellow with pale green highlights, it showcases fruit-rich aromas of white peach, pear, apple, and citrus perfectly complementing fragrant blossoms.


The grapes are mechanically harvested and quality-selected, then the fermentation process take place in stain-steel tanks.

Centine White

Centine White in the glass, and with which dish?

Enjoy it with every course, but in particular with first and seconds of fish—mussel broth, for example--or gurnard with cannellini and tomato, or a whole-wheat pasta summertime salad.